To current members of ICB and those interested in becoming members:

As the Illinois Council of the Blind (ICB) works to strengthen our organization, we need every one of you to be with us. It’s no secret that ICB has faced and continues to face significant financial challenges. What keeps us growing and doing the work we are expected to do is each of you, our valued and much appreciated members.

ICB has worked with the American Council of the Blind, (ACB) our parent organization and others to make prescription drug access a reality at Illinois-based Walgreens pharmacies. Is that working for people who are blind or visually impaired across Illinois? We have no way of knowing unless members from all corners of the state tell us.

Being part of ICB affords each of us the opportunity to make a difference in our communities, around the state, and across the country. From getting that accessible pedestrian signal installed in your community, to making sure people who are blind receive quality services from Illinois’ rehabilitation system, to educating people in your local communities about the capabilities of people who are blind, to meaningful access to television programming using audio description, none of us can do it alone. We need the strength and support only a state and national organization can provide.

It’s only $20 per year to belong to ICB, which includes your $5 dues to ACB. What a deal, two great organizations providing information, advocacy and support for just $20, the cost of two or three trips to Starbucks or McDonalds, and a lot healthier too. So what do you say, will you join us?

So what are you waiting for, becoming a member or renewing couldn’t be easier! Simply go to, click on the Membership link and then on the Online Membership application link, fill out the application and submit it with your dues right online. The direct link to the application is:Right Here. Don’t want to do that or no access to the Internet? No problem. Simply send a check for $20 to:

Illinois Council of the Blind
PO Box 1336
Springfield, IL  62705-1336.

If sending in a check for renewal, please be sure to let us know if any of your information (name, address, phone number or email address) has changed. If joining as a new member, in addition to your name, address phone number and email address we need to know if you’re interested in finding out about a chapter in your area if there is one, in what format you want to receive communications from ICB, in what format, email or cassette tape you want our quarterly newsletter, the Illinois Braille Messenger and in what format you want The ACB Braille Forum (Braille, large print, Cartridge for playing in NLS Digital Players or Email).

ICB will grow stronger and be in a great position to serve Illinois citizens who are blind because of each and every one of you. Please either join ICB or renew your membership, and while you’re at it, don’t just be a name on a roster. Let us know what talents and skills you have, you never know how and where ICB can use them. Thank you very much in advance either for joining ICB or renewing your existing membership. Please contact the ICB office with any questions at 217.523.4967 or

With gratitude for each of you,

Ray Campbell, President, Illinois Council of the Blind